The Cornerstone Church


National Evangelical Mission


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Djembering, Senegal

Amath & Olga Boly

Senegal in West Africa is over 90% Muslim and 5% Catholic. The Kwatay people live in the Southwest corner of the country, and only recently received the Bible in their own language, thanks to a Wycliffe team led by Stephen Payne.

We support the Evangelical Church in Djembering, a young house church pastored by Amath Boly and supported by his wife Olga, Olga's sister Irma and her husband Albert, and Edouard. We have helped this young team to get training in the ministry. The church has now outgrown the house where they meet, and is working toward construction of their own church building.


Paul Beaulieu

Ken Chapman

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing on our website should be understood to discourage in any way the biblical duty of every person to seek membership in a local Christian church, one that strives to proclaim and live the truth as it is in the Jesus Christ of Scripture. This duty includes church membership, regular attendance at the church's worship services and a commitment to that church of one's Christian love, prayer, good works and financial support.
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