The Cornerstone Church



Greycliff Nursing Home

Gloucester, Massachusetts

Greycliff is a nursing and rehabilitation home serving the aged population of Gloucester. Each Friday at 3:00 we hold a worship service for the residents, visitors, and staff. We sing hymns, pray, and hear the Word read and preached from the Psalms and Gospels. Currently, we are studying the Gospel of Luke.


Paul Beaulieu

Ken Chapman

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing on our website should be understood to discourage in any way the biblical duty of every person to seek membership in a local Christian church, one that strives to proclaim and live the truth as it is in the Jesus Christ of Scripture. This duty includes church membership, regular attendance at the church's worship services and a commitment to that church of one's Christian love, prayer, good works and financial support.
The Cornerstone Church -
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